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As a freshman in high school, Margs took her first black and white photography class and fell in love with taking pictures.  Being able to capture pieces of life on film and produce prints just the way she wanted them became her passion.

Margs studied black and white landscape photography at the Ghost Ranch Education and Retreat Center in Abiquiu, New Mexico, in 1997 where she found her true passion and a life-long love for the art of landscape photography. Because of the clarity and focus she found at the Ghost Ranch, Margs returned in 2004 as an assistant teacher for that same class. She then  spent a month traveling the desert southwest with her mentor, Kent Bowser, and honed her black and white darkroom skills.  


After graduating with honors from Eckerd College, Margs cast aside her degree in Marine Biology  and spent three and a half years as an assistant and associate photographer at Burnie Batchelor Studio in Raleigh, North Carolina.  It was there that she found turning her passion into a career requires more than just a good eye.  Under the guidance of Master Photographer, Joy Batchelor King, Margs learned all facets of studio and location photography, as well as business and client management. Margs made the leap into her own business at age 26, and Seegers Images was born in a small town on the coast of Maine during the spring of 2002.  Since that time, Margs has operated Seegers Images in four states, including Colorado, where she and the business currently reside.


As a mother of two, her camera is always accessable. Capturing the essence of a child's natural personality has proven to be very rewarding for both Margs and her clients. Her unique talent of documenting the many aspects of family growth throughout today's fast-paced lifestyle is priceless.  Margs looks forward to the opportunity of getting to know you and your family and creating portraits and artwork that capture your unique personalities!

photo by Victoria Christian

Margs continues to donate her services each year to a fantastic local preschool for their website and annual auctions.    View the gallery.

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