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Look who arrived!

You have already done the hardest part. You brought a baby into the world! Now it's time to document this incredible miracle of life. Whether you prefer a life-style approach or more of a studio look, I can create those images for you in the comfort of your own home. My newborn sessions are done on location so you do not need to stress about getting out the door on time and you can refill your tea or coffee as often as you need, while we patiently wait for the guest of honor to be ready for the perfect shot! Give me a call and let's discuss what you are looking for.



 There are so many fun ways to display your newborn's images. Seegers Images offers a wide variety of options ranging from easy-to-hang wall collages (that you can change around as you add on over the years) to beautiful archival albums.

Newborn Session Fee


includes photography time, travel, editing and preview session for ordering. All orders are additional.

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